Technical conference “Actual technologies: TV and Theater 2018”
Technical conference “Actual technologies: TV and Theater 2018”

Organizers: DNK Corporation and St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television.

MAY 15th, 10 am – 6.30 pm

Address: St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television, 13, Pravda Street, St. Petersburg, Russia



9.30-9.50 Registration. Welcome coffee

9.50 - 9.55 Opening. Introduction.

9.55 - 10.20 "What does the Japanese future look like through Panasonic?"
Speaker: Vladislav Godunov, engineer of Panasonic.

10.20 - 10.45 "Effective and inexpensive solutions of AVID Technology for media production. NEXIS storage system. "
Speaker: Daria Globus, Avid Key Account Manager in Russia and the CIS.

10.45 - 11.10 "Operative delivery of a TV signal through cellular networks, WiFi, satellite and wire Internet".
Speaker: Tikhon Makushev, regional representative of TVU in Russia and CIS countries.

11.10 - 11.35 "Modern technologies and trends in the market of LED screens".
Speaker: Pavel Pochtennov, Sales Director of Unilumin Group in Russia and the CIS.

11.35 - 11.50 Coffee break

11.50 - 12.15 "Epson projection equipment for theaters".
Speaker: Sergey Epikhin, Epson project partners project manager.
12.15 - 12.40 "Modeling of sound reinforcement systems for theaters".

Speaker: Evgeny Shuyev, head of the Bureau of Acoustic Calculations of the company "ARIS".

12.40 - 12.55 "New technologies for theaters from d & b audiotechnik".
Speaker: Alexander Soloukhin, Head of Complex Solutions Department, ARIS Company.

12.55 - 13.25 "DiGiCo theatrical mixers in the musical theater".
Speaker: Mikhail Sokolik, sound engineer of Stage Entertainment.

13.25 - 13.50 "Spectrum of Digital Signage solutions".
Speaker: Alexander Pivovarov, Head of Auvix AV solutions development and implementation department.

13.50 - 14.05 Coffee-break

14.05 - 14.25 "DMG Lumiere - advanced technology in LED fill lighting of theatrical stage".
Speaker: Alexander Porvatov, Rosco representative in Russia and the CIS.

14.25 - 14.45 "A new format for the sound design of theatrical productions with the collinear acoustic system L-Acoustics Syva".
Speaker: Lilia Gainutdinova, brand manager of L-Acoustics at Sonoruss.

14.45 - 15.10 "Novelties of the NAB'18".
Speaker: Anton Antipyev, regional sales manager of Vinten in Russia and the CIS.

15.10 - 15.35 "Ridel. The latest solutions and systems for theaters. "
Speaker: Irina Kipyatkova, Sales and Business Development Manager Riedel.

15.35 - 16.00 "Media space Cinegy: offset formats".
Speaker: Tatiana Zolotuskaya, sales manager of Cinegy GmbH (Germany).

16.00 - 16.15 Coffee-break

16.15 - 16.40 "Ikegami. Cameras for shooting at 4K and 8K. "
Speaker: Alexander Fokin, company manager Ikegami.

16.40 - 17.05 "Camera EOS C200 and new items NAB'18".
Speaker: Spartak Muraviev, engineer of Canon company.

17.05 - 17.30 "Modern solutions for TV production from SoftLab-NSC".
Speaker: Mikhail Shadrin, Head of Multimedia at SoftLab-NSK.

17.30 - 17.55 "Sony: new equipment and systems. On the materials of the exhibition NAB 2018».
Speaker: Sergey Bobnev, Senior Manager, Sony Electronics Professional Equipment Division.

17.55 - 18.20 "Yamaha system solutions for commercial installations. Technology of AFC. "
Speakers: Ivan Chugunov, specialist of sales of professional audio equipment Yamaha; Vladislav Maslov, deputy head of sales of professional audio equipment Yamaha.

18.20 - 18.35 "NewTek. New Products from NAB 2018"
Speaker: Zoltan Matula, Sales Manager at NewTek Inc. in Eastern Europe

18.35 - 18.45 "Manifrotto Nitrotech N8 and N12 fluid heads"
Speaker: Arthur Mamyshev, DNK Corporation Assortment Director.

19.30 - 22.30 Walk on the boat. Cocktail Reception

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